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This government entity supports a healthcare enrollment process by allowing registered users to securely and electronically submit and manage healthcare enrollment information. I was hired in the beginning of the project as the client was preparing for a prototype roadshow. As the project matured, I helped evolve the product and tailored it for our end users and to support business objectives. This involved creating a new user interface and design system and defining and implementing new functionality. 



In order to better understand this users and find out where the product currently fits I conducted multiple  discovery session that included users, product owners, subject matter experts and key stakeholders. Through user interviews, focus groups and design thinking sessions my team was able to provide suggested product enhancements. This list included features that the users found helpful had but our client was missing.


I created user flows for each task. This helped ensure that each flow was prioritized and obstacle-free. I made sure to include multiple access points, a clear start and finish and illustrated steps in sequential order.


I created wireframes for desktop and tablet screens. Through the wireframes I was able to design user flows, navigation, and interactions. The wireframes were annotation for clarity and technical details.


Equipped with my initial design, I conducted usability testing sessions with real users. During each session I asked questions about their current process and watched them carry out common tasks. We spoke about priorities and frustrations throughout their day and documented feedback.

The knowledge I gained from these usability tests was priceless. While they validated information gathered during discovery, I learned that policy changed challenged some design decisions.

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